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Toronto’s Philosopher Chef

Giles Coren Host, Million Dollar Critic/Restaurant Critic, The London Times I have to hand it to Toronto: it’s the only city in the world where my attempt to grab a quick hot dog has made the evening news. Admittedly, I was grabbing that hot dog outside City Hall in the company of Rob Ford, the world’s most infamous serving mayor, but even the slavering press pack should take a lunch break. In Toronto I found a vibrant, pulsating restaurant city, from the gourmet food trucks and sexy Mexican small plates of Agave Y Aguacate to the cocktails, deer tartare and kangaroo balls (meatballs, silly, not “balls” balls) of the Small Town Food company.

Giles Coren has eaten at the world’s finest restaurants, but as a critic, nothing excites him more than discovering a hidden gem, a place that’s doing everything right, but not getting the recognition it deserves. In each episode of W Network’s Million Dollar Critic, he’ll sample meals from five worthy North American restaurants and thrust one lucky winner into the limelight by giving it his million dollar review. read on

CHLY Special General Meeting

Alexandria Stuart
The Navigator

The Radio Malaspina Society (RMS) Board of Directors called a Special General Meeting (SGM) for Monday, January 13, to request permission to take out loans to ease the Society’s financial situation. Eight of nine board members and 48 voting members filled the Ladysmith Meeting Room at the Coast Bastion Hotel to participate in the process. As tensions have run high at previous meetings, Chairperson Doug Creba opened the proceedings with a statement that structure and calm would prevail. read on